Wicked Campers Barcelona
Carrer de Càdiz, 39,
Barcelona, Spain, 08860

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 4pm
Saturday: 9am to 12pm
Sunday: Closed

Directions to Wicked Campers Barcelona:

From Barcelona Airport Terminal 1:

We are only 10 Minutes from Barcelona Airport Terminal 1! Best option is to Grab a Taxi, it'll be quick and shouldn't cost too much.

Alternatively...The BUS PR1 Direction: "Estaciò Rodalies" Station (it's 10 Minutes travel and 3 stops to Estacio Rodalies where you need to get off. From the Station "Estaciò de Rodalies" take the train from "El prat de Llobregat" direction to "Castelldefels" and get off at Castelldefels.

From Barcelona Airport Terminal 2:

Take the train from Airport Direction to “El Prat de Llobregat” station (7 Minutes total and no stops). From "El Prat de Llobregat" station, take a train to "Castelldefels" station (12 Minutes / 3 stops total). From "Castelldefels" station, it's an 11 Minute walk to our depot.

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